Once Before

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The beautiful mother Earth flourished,
Once before,
Until man stepped foot
For the first time.

Those shiny diamonds that were born in the Earth,
Once before,
Are no longer there.
They are no more.

Man plowed.
They dug deep,
And deeper,
Until there were no more diamonds.

She was the flourishing Earth,
Once before,
Until she was coerced.
Her diamonds were robbed.

A few seconds can change everything.
Once before,
She was safe,
And the next she was not.

Was it her fault?
What comes next?
How can she fix this?
Who does she tell?

She would never know how it felt,
Once before,
When she was safe.
She would never feel that again.

He gained the diamonds.
She gained nothing.
He lost nothing.
She lost everything.

Everything was now different.
There was no going back.
Once she was robbed,
She was robbed for good.

So that beauty that had been,
Once before,
Was now gone,

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