Once in a lifetime longing

In the hues of the wind,
I still remember the skin
Flipping through channels but it doesn't over
Trying to sleep on my bed but it seems newer
No love is dangerous enough not to be experienced
I may not catch the fleeting one
But would make it define my strength, my passion, my compassion will always be with you

Blue was the colour of your topmost valour
On my saddest reel you'll be the happiest being
Wish in my ecstasy ,vision like an endless sea
On my saddest reel you'll be the happiest being
I keep my senses with poetry while you let away yours
The dead knows the futility,
But they still move around greedy
The seed was sown by one,
That now being watered by some
Life’s uncertain they say,
Throw certainty on me

The weight on their shoulder kept changing like time,
Won’t let the leaf fall on her mother croon’s light,
Sun glows too bright and the violin won’t sleep,
That day the life would regain soul
Think, recollect,
A wish, a woo
Is what makes a human good

Homeland’s holy daughter,
The dimming light had no origin
No one escaped still
Nevertheless we fought as it was the only way ,
Whining of the dark , gloomy air
Loosing hope in the hopeful
Yes those were dark times
When unlike united
Somehow that's all it takes

But you’ll be the happiest being on my saddest reel
Unknowingly penetrating me
And that is where the beauty would lie not feigned but scorching
I could not forget what I once tried to remember,
And I love how you painted me,
And won’t stop walking the side walk never taken
She may take pride in being with you
The sun shall rise , sea waves would feeble over the sand
Still she would find you in her peace of mind

There are ripples on my broth
Forming your face
Reminding me of our
Wild young and free decade
And I don't know why I still sit on that glorious tawny chair abandoned by you way before
Cordelia doesn't have choice than to just wait and wait till millions of broths cool down.
Shivers are glorifying my body while thinking of horrors of our fights
Your voice still echoes mesmerizingly,
Our captivating souls leaving our body
Just to reach up high in the sky
And make me love dark academia,
A stronger believer with you
We were just souls living in a shallow of maturity, reality
And didn't realize we had a responsibility to make it last for life
We had infinite wind in our sails
You were captain of our souls
But didn't know where we went wrong
Bliss in ignorance
Was it the cause?

Our respective motherlands are quarrelling
For nothing but to own the world
Which we already owned with our idiosyncratic loyalty
We painted our world like Van Gogh
Playing the grand universal harmony as a white noise scored by us and a few iron fire balls
The sun shall rise , sea waves would feeble over the sand
Still she would find you in her peace of mind

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