Once Upon a Covetous Smile

Across the banquet hall her illustrious SMILE indulged my senses
Even a simple whisper from her lips could penetrate my soul
The eyes were intoxicating as they glowed a turquoise blue
Her hazelnut skin wrapped around her curvaceous body
A perfect array of beauty to go with her ivory white dress

Unlike thyself, she was not unfettered
A brutally handsome man occupied her right side
He donned an indigo black tux that draped over his broad shoulders
He wore his confidence in a SMILE fit for a king
As I stood up, he caught my envious stare and offered a devilish wink

With the best man's speech shaking in my hand, I took another slug of cheap wedding bourbon
The polished spoons suddenly tapped on the glasses
Hushing the audience amid idle conversations
I then lightly patted my forehead with an Irish linen cloth
When these words crept out of my covetous SMILE

“To the man of the hour and his eloquent bride
May the sparks between the two of you never extinguish
For love is a divine gift that saves us from a lonely heart
Remember this trifle of advice as I raise my glass
Always ignite each other's SMILES, but ease the brunt of the other one's cries"

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Key Words : Love, Marriage

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