Once Upon A Nightmare

It was on a very hollow night
There was not a star in the sky
It was pitch dark all around
The crickets were the only sound

As I walked alone through the woods
I heard a noise I suspected being bigfoot
It had a growl that was very deep
If only I had some kind of light to see
It hid behind a bush and a tree
Ready to come out at me or somebody

It suddenly got peace and quiet
Other than the sound of the crickets
But then out of nowhere
The beast came out faster than I could a prayer
I screamed and ran as fast as I could
I turned back to look
As the beast started to catch up to me
It was hard for me since I couldn't see
I kept running into trees and everything

Up ahead I saw my prayers being answered
I saw light knowing it was a way out of there
I kept running toward the highway
Where I knew would be safe
Out of the woods I went
As I looked back to look back at that demon
Knowing itll be the last time seeing him

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