Once upon a time

Once upon a time
Our fates intertwined
I found a love that was never mine
I heard rumors of your wonderland - I knew it was cursed
But when I found the rabbit hole I dived in head first
I saw you at the ball
You were beauty, I was the beast
But you smiled with a “be my guest”
And showed me a feast
You took my hand and we danced all night long
The lights glistened, the birds sang our song
I could swim in your eyes - ocean blue
For moment I thought I saw forever in you
You showed me the world on our magic carpet ride
We set sail into abyss just following the tide
You were my genie - my wish was your command
Mountains, rainbows, and foreign lands
I always wore a red hood - in your world everyone’s in costume
The liars dressed like cheshire cats, jealous stepsisters disguised in rosy
We found an oasis under the trees
The world was invisible - just you, me, and the fairies
Late night secrets we swore to never share
Throwing rocks at my window “repunzel repunzel let down your hair”

But under our mattress there was always a pea
There were always signs I chose not to see
I had been warned- this is a heart you can’t win
Nothing is free in a deal with rumpelstiltskin
But I thought I could be your savior- find love in all the hate
But the petals had fallen, I was far too late

One night, the clock struck - midnight was the hour
You pricked my finger and locked me back in the tower
You climbed down the beanstalk and chopped it down
You left me alone, stranded in the clouds
Just one kiss and you could have saved me
But you chose to leave and let me sleep for eternity
You shattered my necklace and cut off my curls
I traded the sea witch my soul to be part of your world

The sun has set, I return home to the fish
My wish on a star was just that- a wish
The horses turned back to mice, the carriage turned back to a pumpkin
Your golden heart was really just made of tin
I gave you a basket with different parts of me
But you were a wolf in disguise and I was blinded by a dream of destiny
I realize now I was squeezing my foot into a glass slipper that just didn’t fit
A long yellow gown hiding my mermaid tale inside it

The winds will change with the colors of your sins
There is one poisonous apple in every bin
You must have found a portal, not a trace of you in sight
Mirror mirror was it wrong even though it was never right

You really did write a beautiful fairytale
In a battle of good and evil, moments and memories prevail
But since I breathed you in, I still haven’t learned to exhale
Footprints on my heart without leaving a trail
And I finally see through all the make believe and pretending
You were never going to write me a happy ending

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