Once Upon a Time

i want a conversation with you and i want it now.
i demand your hello and your soothing voice somehow.
an important piece is missing and life just isn't the same-
the void is growing bigger yet here I still remain.
the memory is not enough for me to feel again complete-
not sure the journey's worth it when one feels this extreme defeat.
my head is always pounding and even my mouth feels tight-
can i just go and join you? is there any light?
i try to close my eyes and dream of you right here-
Of our silly conversations or just giving me your ear.
you're here, you're sick, you're gone and it happened just like that.
i can only access you by thought and no longer by a chat.
i love you. i miss you. the tears are rolling down.
i try to hold them back but I think i'd rather drown-
in the sadness, in the grief, in the happy memory-
of once upon a time when you were here with me.

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