You are above all things and all others
Your majesty outshines even our radiant sun
Your love is enthralling, Your benevolence captivating
I am captured by Your grace
I dwell within You, as You dwell within me
And that is all I desire: an everlasting intertwinement
We are one

And We are wayfarers, with Heaven and Earth as our domain
With the wind in our sails, We sail these sapphirine seas
In search of supernal treasures of untold and immortal value
And what a treasure this is- far above rubies
Sailing as far as east is from the west...
Just sailing

And time is powerless before You and I
Having cast off the ephemeral, We've embraced the eternal
We've adjoined into an amaranthine love and espoused a perennial joy
Each moment- a memory- an echo from time's garden
But what is time before us?
This is endless, eternal.

Let us sail through eternity as one

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