I absorb her as if she were me,
Dear, allow me within, to set us free.
The world isn’t our world and our world isn’t the world.
Cold to bold to old the way ahead is untold, togetherness to achieve happiness with a by-product of fearless.
He to me, I see I see, eyes of enchanting melody,
One, two, three you are bound to thee.
Heart and mind and mind and heart as one, even during the darkness shall not come undone.
Keel to feel to zeal when we touch, we heal, capable and adaptable to change we comfortably able.
My arms and her legs shaking as we entwine,
During the eye contact and embrace, we divine.
Her skin and my skin, my skin and her skin, like silk upon silk, sweat layer is thin.
Caress to kiss to bliss, physically as one consciousness, her instinct lioness flowing amongst the waves showing she’s the Empress.
My toes at the highest with him in deep,
Toying and teasing until we’re a bundled heap.
His heavy breathing and my gentle moaning, my gentle moaning and his heavy breathing, his eye twinkling as he can feel me coming.
Thrust to wanderlust to outer body starburst, my thighs awaiting his combust.
Pulse steadying with our combined aura,
Does she even know the amount that I adore her.
Tickling head to stomach, tickling stomach to head, her inner being at ease as if dead, surface of her cheeks still with patches of red.
Chance to trance to magical ambience, here as one creates my balance.
Warm vibrations continually rise,
Reflecting each second each touch, sentimentalise.
Live to dream, dream to live, watching him as he sleeps is making my heart give, does he even know he’s my retroreflective.
Electrification to ascension to feeling that no power could break this protection. I know he knows, magnetization.

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This Poems Story

My poem is about two soul mates whom manifested one another a little too early, how one perspective is the greater picture, the other, tad bit more narrow in the moment perspective. Above is part one and I shall then release part three.