Before birth we were one with our mother,
one with the universe, one with the creator.
In a constant state of joy and peace,
we knew exactly who and what we were.
At birth oneness was forgotten,
along with our identity. We felt fear and pain,
separate from everyone and everything. We were alone.
Instinctively we began to build a defense system.
Call it ego,or false self. Protecting ourselves from others,
we needed to feel secure. We worked hard to be unique
Selfishness was born, we guarded our possessions,fought hard
for independence. Yet we craved love as our creator did,
thirsted for wholeness, to be one with someone again
We united. We naturally desired to create,
as our creator did, so we bore children.
Crises came in the way of illness or tragedy,
we realized we needed help. We began to seek our creator.
Slowly the false self, the ego, eroded.
We gradually reverted back to the little child,
innocent and loving, without judgement,
("Most certainly I tell you,unless you turn,
and become as little children,you will in no way
enter into the Kingdom of Heaven".)
This process was an awakening.
We began to remember our divine lineage.
We desired to be one with the universe,
with our creator. We laid our bodies aside. We live in bliss,
uninterrupted peace,and complete contentment. We are one.

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