One A Day

I once was given some wise advice
at a very tender young age
It came from a silver-haired stranger,
a wizened, cane-enabled sage
She said if I do this one thing,
I would grow in knowledge,
gain understanding beyond compare
I would become a rare bird uncaged,
free to fly wheresoever I may care
Learn one new word each day,
examine it, study it,
then in your memory tuck it away
Your ability to grasp things will then have no limit
You will be able to boldly speak like a lion,
without fear, no longer being timid
I since followed that wise advice,
and learned a word a day, sometimes two
And was amazed at by how much my critical thinking grew
Now what she didn't say,
but I'm sure she knew anyway,
was that knowledge is like a coniferous tree;
although the fruit it bear takes a long time
to reach maturity,
it leaves remain forever green:
God's gift of longevity
And something else I found out
which astounded me, shook me to my core,
was that one new word taught you two
And two taught you ten more
Each kernel of wisdom gained has expanded
my knowledge like a boundless universe
And this blessing was bestowed upon me
by someone whose age is looked upon as a curse

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