One And The Same

There's only one thing on my mind,
a lifetime of suffering that seems at no end.
Again I say where can that suffering be,
at its worst distinguish the bitter suffering between you and me.
Between times of happiness and sadness nothing, Do the two exist?,
its a binding medley that leads too near to dreading.
What is family other than a house full of people who care,
guess what happened so now there's none of that there.
How do I live another day without love,
I'm tired I say again the as when I was a young girl.
I wake up I'm a woman, in a different and truly the same world,
I have no bed, I have no family, I have no home, this seems no end,
no one to tell I'm tired, I'm going to lay in my room.
Now I need help I'm the same little girl after such a little time,
too hard to tell, you abandoned me to say bye as if all is well.
The breeze of the bitter cold no one to hold,
until the truth of this mystery truly is allowed to unfold.
Time will tell the difference between a tear drop and a drop of rain,
as I write this letter they look one and the same.

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