One Big Happy Family

I thought we were supposed to be
One big happy family
But then you turned around and said
Our unborn child should now be dead
And so what I did to compensate
For all the sorrow I could not take
Is used a bear to make up
For what I had to give up
My child

We were happy, you the bear and me
One big happy family
Until you had to lose control
And so I had to let you go
Then out of anger and jealousy
You grew spiteful and lashed out at me
For loving our bear child more than you
Darling, what was I to do?
I had you, oh, in second place
To a fair memory I could not erase
My love

And so I now know it was not meant to be
One beautiful family
Because at that moment you began your abuse
I found it, aye, to be of no use
To try to bring us together again
Though you were my love and my best friend
You lose control and became a stranger
And worse of all, to me, a danger
Maybe I am mad for holding on
To something that has been long gone
But you, darling, are mad too
I became this way because of you
So now I take my bear and leave
I apologize if you cannot conceive
The thought of me bidding you fare well
But this is for the best so far as I can tell
My dear…

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