"One" Can Change "Everything"

One word
Can cause a war
One thought
Can end it

One lie
Can trick society
One truth
Can change it

One tear
Can create sadness
No people to cure it
Causes depression

Manipulating the world
Playing chess of life
Knocking those around us
Till we knock the mastermind

A little game of victory,
Who will win and who will die
Killing the other off
Striving to survive

Everyone surviving
No one living
Walking in emptiness
Looking for nothing

A cycle of redemption
The temptation of revenge
The echoes of silent
Calling us to sin

Why choose to survive
If you refuse to live
Why choose to live
If you choose not to survive

One question
Can lead to answers
Can lead to explanations

Can leads to redemption,
Can lead to destruction.

One can be many
A changeable thing
One can be little
And change everything.

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This Poems Story

This is a poem shows that the smallest of things can change a bigger thing. Just like the fact that it takes one person to make a difference.