One Child's Reality

An old man weeps, an old man cries
because our crimes
and because what we've tried.
If it wasn't true
why would I sit here and lie
which is why I'm here,
and why I have testified,
but what we should strive
for what is divine.
For it is outlined in black and white
so simple it could not be timed.
For it is a priceless value, just like nickels and dimes.
By the way I do not say what just rhymes,
I speak what crosses my mind.
Don't mistake me for another because I am one of a kind:
Not different nor crazy just one of a kind.
I understand it might be too hard
to get in your little mind so sit back and relax
while I tell you a story of an old man that died,
though he was never alive:
Just a really good friend
of a child's sickly twisted mind,
only created by his own crazy life-
abused and mistreated by his own pride.

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This Poems Story

My name is Jeremy A. Romero-Cazares. I am 13 years old and was born and raised in Long Beach, CA. I have been inspired by my family, specifically my grandmother, whom also writes poetry, which led me to write a very meaningful poem. Sometimes when I look back at it, I think that the poem was meant for people that are struggling and keeping and creating their dreams. I realized you can make something negative into something positive and uplifting.