One Day

Waiting, wondering what happened,
Why mountains buildings, cities, and canals are what they are,
Why the ocean is blue and so is the sky,
Why bricks are red and so is the blood
from which we have and cherish,
Why we can't find a cure, or the keys to the car
we use everyday to go to work,
To work on building a new way of life,
or a new building to hold many lives in its sturdy palms,
To save species, or save the lives of many that were chosen
to see the great and powerful,
To catch criminals, or a basketball,
Make another book, or another touchdown,
To speak your mind in front of crowds,
or sing your words in front of an audience.

But you may not sing the right words, or catch the right ball,
or find what you and others have tried to look for, for many years,
But there is still a light,
A light of hope, truth, past, and future,
Glowing, sparkling, and waiting,
For one of us to look, and find,
One day.

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