By N.A.   

Every day’s the same
Waiting for some change
Away from all this chaos
But all are busy in themselves
Trying to sort out their own lives
No time to spend for a friend
No sane advice can I expect
No understanding ear can I get
For my problems may seem small
But they are eating me inside
Always so sad and thinking
Planning ways to make me forget
Keeping myself busy all the time
Doing things that make me tired
So can sleep at night with no thoughts
No words to keep me awake till dawn
Trying to speak to new people
Knowing them so no time for old ones
Not wasting time sitting around
Always on the move so my mind can’t rest
After all this days’ work
When I lay down on my bed
Every day you come into my mind
Every day I think about why I am sad
Keeping myself occupied seems useless
Tiring myself daily seems futile
Every day and every night
I think about what it would be like
If I just speak what I want to say
Will things remain the same way?
Will something change for the better?
And will that better make me happy
Will there be one less worry for me
Or will all that I hold close be lost
And refrain me from ever speaking my mind
Will that make me more caged in myself
Will I become mature or just a silly girl
Just waiting for a day when I’ll finally be free
And won’t care how everything will be
One day when I will speak what I feel
One day, when I’ll be me.

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This Poems Story

The story about the problems I thought I was facing some time back and how hopeless I felt at that time.