one day

They see her smile
They hear her laugh
They think shes happy
But it was gone so fast.

At first is was flowers and kisses everyday
Slowly that faded day by day.
She would smile when She spoke
She would love with all her heart
But eventually that turned to a cold stone.

She would do anything for anyone day and night
But when she asked to have a peaceful moment
It started a huge fight.

She began to fade to the world
One person at a time
Noone ever stopped by anymore
They thought she didnt have the time.

She had the time
She was always free
But never aloud to speak to anybody.
Her life was over
She was completly controlled
Noone understood all the rules.

She finally got away
She tried to start fresh
But shes so used to that life she left.

She struggles on a daily
Taking care of her babies
But she knows she cant give in
Because her girls are watching.

One day she will be happy
One day she will be whole
One day someone will love her
And not have complete control.

Be patient sweet girl
Take your time and be free
One day someone will care for you
And all 3 of your babies.

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