One Day

Do you ever wonder if a certain person is meant to be your person? Someone you feel you know so well and cannot get out of your head. Is it possible to fall for someone else as much as you have fallen for them.

How come others haven’t made the same impact or had you wanting them, just one person, the one you can’t be with.

In time will we reconnect and finally be able to grow into something special? Or is it just a fantasy and a reoccurring dream that will never come true. It becomes difficult to stay hopeful when time continues to pass and nothing has changed.

I wonder whether to move on and give up... or to continue to one day hope that we find our way back to each other. We have had this happen before, we have both been in other relationships but still find ourselves going back to each other.

Distance. Distance is the reason we have never worked. Would things change if there was less distance? Will you still be the same, will we work out, or is distance just the easiest thing we tell each other

Is this time different? For years we have found each other, but will it happen again? You have someone currently, is she the one? The one I have always wanted to be for you but couldn’t. The one who gets to see you smile and see your successes and be there for your failures.

In time, will I be the one?

Or is it time to just move on and never look back

Answering these questions alone is impossible, so I hope one day I will get the answers from you.... One day I wish there was no distance, no complications, no other people... Just us

One day will there be an us?

For now I will pray to see another day.


Dream of that one day with you.

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