One Day

Heart burns with heat
I just want to open my veins and bleed
So one day my mom will hear me
And doesn’t tell me to shut up and leave
I tired of pain
It just all the same
I will never get a happily ever after
I will never get a dad
No one will understand me and how much I hurt on the average
I give everyone a smile so they can see for better days
So they don’t have to see my days ever
So they don’t have to feel like their alone
I feel like if you read this your too late
My hole have been dug and I will lay in it motion less
I want to scream help me but words never fall out
HELP MEE !!!!!
But still I keep on this smile to make sure no one sees the real real me
No one can help me and I understand that now
Everyone thinks I’m a joke
If only they knew the things I been through
Yet I still try to smile
Smile for the devil
Smile is such an awful word
It should of NEVER been created
I’m dead inside and out

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