One Day.

How incredible you made this world,
You should be praised by everyone. Thought came in your head of making every creature so polite, But look at them now everyone is so vigorous to do some fight.
Not for the sympathy, not for the wealth, Each guy's trying to ruin its own health.

You may have made this home with the trust, Where people can live with love, not disgust.
Send some creature to take care of this world, But what they have done to this place, have you observed?
People in this world only care about ethnicity.
What they have forgotten is how to practice simplicity.

Now sometimes I wonder what it would feel,
When there will be no violence, no discrimination to deal.
Everyone will be each other's true friend,
And not exist any deadly disease to end.
Where people can love each other for themselves,
No need of those blades and helves.

But the reality is so different,
Your children are swiftly becoming adherent.
Still not all of them are mad indeed,
Some of those people do good deeds.
Many have formed their own organisation,
To accomplish protect earth mission.
At last i just wanna say,
There will be peace in this world one day.

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