One day

there are people all over the world who are
either lonely, missing somebody , depressed, hurt ,scared from the past , having personal issue that no one knows abt , they are having secretes you wouldn't believe, having fear to be judged,
But one day
One day you are going to be happy
One day your anxiety will go
One day your past wouldn't agonize you
One day you will live the life you love
If it's not today its gonna be tmmr
If it's not ,then wait
Keep waiting coz one day you will find the reason of your happiness, you will find the way to get rid of anxiety ,pain . Youwill find the thing u love to do .
You wish ,you dream ,you hope ,you broke and you fix and
This is a daily reminder,
To relax
To stay calm.
To be yourself,
To not care what people think,
To know you can be anything.
To love yourself,o
To not hurt yourself,
To not work yourself up.
That you are beautiful,
That you are amazing,
And remember
Just just do your good deeds without thinking about the result

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