One day at a time

Come party with me I'll show you a blast creating funny moments andCome party with me and I'll show you a blast trading funny moments and memories that will last
That's if we don't pass out first can't drink enough alcohol to quench this thirst
Oh s*** the room won't stop spinning but that's not going to stop us this is only the beginning
Everyone loves a girl who's willing to have non-stop fun boring people never have none
Well trying to dance and party all night neglecting are responsibilities always wronging our rights
I can't wake up without a beer and hand ready to put replay the previous tonight until it's too hard to stand
I wonder why I woke up with my pants pull all the way down I probably be peed and forgot to pull them up yeah but that's at my memory will eventually come back around
I don't like your disapproving frown so I'm and drink another round
I'll come on we made it another day let's celebrate life and cheer, you are way too uptight mu dear
You say "thats the problem. You cant handle your liquor" & that i keep denying my problProblem and getting sicker... Oh so what now you cant take me serious?! Well I know who i am incase you're curious!
Oh wow now the people i use to go out to the club with are saying im doing and being too much! Well they werent saying that when they were my play date and such! Just because you reevaluated your life doesnt mean I need to do the same! & it was you who originally got my on this party scene if you're looking for someone to blame! Oh so you didnt think it would get this out of hand and what i said to you isnt fair?! Good thing i do what the hell i want! So shut up i dont care! &
No im staying here you cant take me home! Leave me the fuck alone! Oh so now you say if i don't stop you'll be forced to walk away? Well good then you're cutting into my drinking time which i cant wait to do to drownd out all the shit you just had to say! Of course i know everything and ruined a true words hurt you beyond repair your heart forever ripped... I cant say sorry and truly mean it 100% because i cant remember what i said or memory is stuck like cement. And you're done hearing my excuses thats clear and evident... I wish you could see how good im doing and accompany me to day at a time...sometimes minutes depending on the day...

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