One Day At A Time

Im imprisoned by the thoughts in my head,
So sick I still cant make it out of bed.
My dealers and my friends keep setting traps,
Praying for my fail for my relapse.

Lifelong friends disappear, so many walk away,
Its starting to get lonely, demons in my ear yet another day.
If I would chase the dragon and unleash the demons,
Everyone would return, everyone would be like beacons.

I stand here kicked diwn and beaten by my temptation,
Broken, hurt, and teary eyed at the loss of relations.
Starving for attention, starving for motivation,
Cant decide the right decision, mind lost in contemplation.

If it means loneliness, or emptiness ill sacrifice,
Because even if Im standing alone i will not do ice.
I will stand strong, Ill fight my demoms alone,
Cause that need for drugs, that need for a fix is gone!

Ill gladly stand up and fight for my right,
Ill never again be the one up doing drugs all night.
Im not completely healed, I will not feed you that line,
But im getting better, Im taking it ine day at a time!

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