One Day I’ll Disappear

One Day I'll Disappear

I often walk with ghosts.
Their company not rare.
I’ve rather grown accustomed to
their disembodied stare.

The windows in the houses
If you pass them by at night,
shine with warmth and company
just barely out of sight.

The wind that’s always blowing,
carries whispers to my ears.
It always has one thing to say,
“One day you’ll disappear”

In my room I listen
To the world just outside.
The people and their children,
And the secrets that they hide.

My presence on the Earth
Is seldom ever known.
Only trees and seasons
Know how truly I’m alone.

The winter is the hardest
As it blows through every year.
Because I hear so clearly,
“One day you’ll disappear”

It used to make me worry
That I’ll never have a home.
One to shine a candle
From the window, not alone.

I used to feel so hopeless
As I’d wipe away the tears.
I eventually found comfort
In that one day I’ll disappear.

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