One Day I'll Fly

Every day is a battle that can’t seem to be won
The voices in my head tell me to give up, and that I’m done
Why fight so hard to live, when it’s so easy to die
And not just fly but that we’ll soar, over the mountain tops
And once we soar, we’ll never ever stop

Unfortunately, life likes to intervene and get in the way
Life is a struggle, but I live it like everybody else, day by day
But nobody sees your effort; nobody appreciates how hard you try
So you step aside and let life go by

I ask for so little and get a lot of problems in return
Maybe being happy is something you have to learn
Because life doesn’t get any easier, you just learn how to cope
And of course that one thing we all do to survive, is to never lose hope

We can’t give up now; I know we can make it
We don’t have to just settle, we don’t have to take it
We can’t let life break us; we can’t go down without a fight
Imagine if the Wright brothers gave up, and didn’t go through with their flight

I may fall down but I’ll never just lay there and die
Because I still hold on hope that I’ll one day fly
Not just over the mountain tops but to the moon
Then I will keep flying and I won’t come down anytime soon

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