One for Her (a Sonnet for Mommy)

There is no known lyric more profound or poetic,
Nor adorned with a design more Dali or DaVinci.
There exists no fiber optic more potent or kinetic,
No eastern thought more Zen or Chi.
Mine eyes have never seen a Gloria more Eve or Mary,
Nor a Magi's gift more Noel or Christmas.
Never harked an angel of Jerusalem sweet as milk or honey,
Nor a goddess Aphrodite more Athena or Artemis.
There are no isotope bonds more ionic or covalent,
Nor Aquarian kisses alit to limits along the azure sky.
There are no tides of Atlantis more lunar or consistent,
Not a scripture of Psalm prophets more Isaiah or Malachi.
I have braved globes and galaxies to find no poem other
More true, more beautiful, than is my mother.

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