One Ideal World

As I sit on my single place of peace,
All becomes one,ideal still world
My hands are skipping on the piano,
Like frogs on lily-pads,
Creating music is like a river beating against rocks,
Creating one harmony,
One ideal world

A piano is a gentle leaf,
Slowly drifting through the sky,
but always aloft in one's space
like a spider on an invisible thread of silk.
The rustling of the leaf is the harmony,
the gentle soaring is the melody
A piano is a bird,
Chirping away on merry mornings,
Tweet Tweet,Tweet Tweet
all listen to the harmony
all listens to one huge silence and one minuscule sound
all listen to one ideal world.

As i sit in my one place of peace
memories over and awake,
there is complete silence except for one
then an other,then more continuous applause embracing joy.
As clapping ends,
all becomes still,
all becomes one silent harmony,
One ideal world.

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