One in the same

The sound of worlds collapsing
Are angelic and collected
Promises to angels broken
Failed to keep you protected
Debris of shattered dreams
Scattered at my feet
The stench of self destruction
All to familiar with defeat
The numbness of abandonment
The oceans of my unknowns
Likeness of each other
Leaves us both as clones
Apples fall from branches
But don't wander far from trees
Great memories shared with you
Do not resemble these
Torture of repeating pasts
Unable to escape
Remove your eyes from trainwrecks
When all is left to fate
Shakin by false security
Misplaced trust in foes
Singled out in silence
By the one who really knows
Stupidity masking deception
Bliss in your ignorance
Pretending nothing happened
Not really much of a defense
Pride swallowed in desperation
Rejection wrapped in fear
Acceptance of harsh reality
That I'm not welcome here
Robbed of building blocks
That might piece it back together
Face it you and I are
Two birds of a feather
Doors remain unopened
Taunting me with locks
Running into walls
Pushed closer by rocks
Haunted by my choices
Reminded by my peers
Explanations of my actions
Always falling on deaf ears
A lifetime of mistakes and
A list of lessons learned
Are used to start the fire
Of the bridges that I burn
Begging your forgiveness
On my knees in vain
Apparently you feel as though
I'm deserving of this pain
Craving your understanding
Perhaps a hint of sympathy
Hoping that maybe someday
You'll go back to loving me

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