One last chance

Well, what can I say?
What else can I do?
How can I make you stay,
and understand too?

I stand here so silent.
Not a whisper in the air.
My heart beating so violent,
it just might tear.

I shut my eyes so tight.
I can't watch you go.
Praying that you just might,
just might know.

I have one last chance,
and I feel it slipping away.
If I give in to this romance,
I have to do it today.

Tears build up in my eyes,
I choke on my words.
I haven't prepared for good-bye.
But these feelings must be heard.

How will your reaction be?
Will you say you already knew?
That our future you couldn't see,
or that you loved me too?

Breath in, Breath out.
Seems simple enough.
But between us, I have no doubt,
that you can call my steady bluff.

All I have is my love to offer.
Something you already felt.
I can no longer silently suffer.
My feelings, I carefully gambled and dealt.

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