One Last Night

Driving down this this lonesome highway
Wishing on every shooting star in the sky
One of these days something has to go right
I'm afraid that's its not and I'm just about to die
I wonder when I'm gone no light left in my eyes I think who's gonna laugh and who' gonna cry
It just makes me want to give up not even try
To be the man of your dreams but not in your sleep right here in your life
Sometimes I feel like I don't why
You stick around, texting me, I don’t know why
Cause your so far away I wish I could fly
Back to you under the desert sky
I never felt that good in all of my life
Now that's gone in a blink of an eye
I can't believe you came back that night
Maybe I could stay forever in this day
My biggest fear is the brink of day
When dawn gets here I know the end is near
I just want to lay right here with you
Don't want to have to go away from what we made
don’t you see what you woke in me
Made me someone I want to be
I know you said it's just a show you don't know what to do
Well I don’t know what l don't all I know is I want you
I don't think I'm the only one
who feels like everyone looks down on them for doing what they love in this life
It's too short we're running out of time
So we'll make it up as we go
you need to know I'm always on your side
Right or wrong it don't matter to me
Just remember I'll always be
here for you, for anything

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This Poems Story

written about a guy who knows what he wants change but keeps being pulled back into the same old situation