One Less

Death has his clients tracked;
He has no mercy, that’s a fact,
Even Houdini could not escape him;
Which led to his final act.

When they have drawn their last breath;
When you hear word of their death,
You keep still, absorbing the news;
Wondering what is there left?
Good times are cherished;
Bad times have perished,
But has it sunk deep yet;
The fact they have truly vanished?

One may deny what is true;
As acceptance is only sought by few,
That their heart was beating moments ago;
Now what remains lies cold and hollow.

One less embrace, different degrees of sorrow;
As they will never have a tomorrow,
It is hard to say farewell and let go;
But deep within the core, we wish,
A peaceful journey to their soul.
Goodbye, dear one;
You were a second to none.

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