One Lie

One lie
That’s all it takes

To demolish my whole world
But that’s worth the mistake

To try and get away with
All the drugs and the hate

Make me cry, tear me down
Manipulate me to think

That, it’s my fault!
You’re a mastermind.

You warned me from the start
Another conniving trick, to make me pay?

My past was a struggle
but let me tell you how I’ve changed

I mean it
but that’s something you also say

So you don’t believe me when I tell you
I love you to the end of each and every day

I’m the liar, I’m the cheater
And I steal to make my way

No. That’s you.

Oh, but your love
Your love it’s so kind and wow it’s all mine

Every lie has me so convinced
The words just so sweet and Devine

I’m wrapped around your finger
Strings of a puppet, what’s your next move?

Runs through my head like the blood in my veins
Never ending ... and it started when I said “hey you.”

Day by day it will get better
But will it

You drink for the pain
so you don’t have to feel it

Pain, What they did, they ruined you
But its my job to fix

Every word and broken bond
Like it’s my mess to clean

You can’t help someone unless they want it
The way they saw it, the way it seemed

But I see you and I love you
No matter what you’ve done, you see

You’re my angel, you’re my world
You’re my everything

So long I’ve been stuck
And just feel like I’ve been trying

To put a bandage over cancer
But oh we just keep dying

Please, make it stop
I don’t want it to end this way

This is your fault, you chose this
so just make it go away

But you can’t, it’s overcome you
So until tomorrow I’ll say

“Baby, I love you” through the lies
And smile to make it through the day

Just remember next time, the fake words cross your mind
That it takes one lie to beat me

But God is in control and he loves you
So be who you ought to be.

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