One Life

Who am I to stop you if you resolve to kill yourself?
But before you quit the game, roll the dice one last time.

What have you seen in your life till now?

Did you perceive the sweetness of first love?
Have you kissed those first rain drops that come to greet you after a hot summer?
Have you hugged your proud mother who is overwhelmed at your success?
Did you ever wipe the tears of your best friend?
Have you ever enjoyed a road trip with a gang of strangers?
Did you take care of your sick parents and see them recovering?
Have you ever helped a person in need and see his eyes twinkle?
Did your strawberry lips suck the mellowness of a first kiss?
Have you ever felt the joy of hugging your friend after a big fight?

Go ahead and empty those pills into your stomach
Your body turns cold in a snap leaving your people dumbstruck.
But before you do that, think if you have brought any difference
with your mettle and perseverance

Before you slip out,
Embrace the joy of answering those who doubted your calibre.
Soothe the shivers that ran down your spine and witness your own valor.
Fall down and experience the joy of rising up.
Receive respect from those who once ridiculed you.
Hug the momentary darkness to witness the light of a happening tomorrow.

If your instinct still asks you to abscond,
remember that there's only one life and nothing can be done going beyond.

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