One Line, One Year

Faith (coming to earth)
As learning (falling and walking)
Increases our Knowledge (beginning to learn)
Time will tell us (learning to tell time)
How we got to be (asks questions)

Individually we are different and independent (individuality found)
Now our family will be together forever (sealed in the temple)

Jesus was baptized just like us, and earth (baptism)
Eventually we will live with he, for all eternity (plan of salvation)
Soon we will write, about who we are and why (sister born)
Universally kids all trust in the Lord and follow his light (sings)
Sadly his message is not spread, we must spread it to all (mission)

Christ will redeem us all, we are all equally known and loved (issues)
He gave his only son, we are the few and many who know him (believe)
Right now is bleak, but a learn we a to endure a it, it starts
If it is a need to heed his word, no belief, but know Jesus is here
So we find a why, who we are, our fate will be known, as we learn why
Time is a here, us to find it, we is we, not at home, to live lone now

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