One Little Mistake

I walk in the room, blood on the walls
other than that there is nothing at all
What I hold in my hand is the heart of another
it has to be his, there is no other
It's soft and fragile I'm afraid it will break
Then it starts pumping, that's all I can take
It falls
It hits the floor with a crack in the middle
blood spewed as it whispered a riddle
It took me so long to get this heart
once I got it I tore it all apart
How much can a fragile heart take?
I dropped it, one little mistake
and now it leaves me
forever today
There it lies on the floor
I can't keep it, not anymore
I pick it up, or the half I can
blood on my fingers, on my hand
It turns cold and black
assuring me that I don't want it back
It disintegrates through my hand
so I may never touch it again

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