One Lost Of Falling

Reaching out for a hand to hold,
Wanting someone just to listen,

My tears fill these brown eyes,

Never allowing one to fall.

The warmth of a smile was always near,

A reflection only sends a sight of cold.

Faces become shadows, a path surrounded with darkness,

Will this end, questions with silent answers.

Would happiness begin  to mend.

Opening my heart to life,

Eventually the outcome begins as the open book now closed.

My voice now tired,

Only the sound of the wind becomes my breath.

Love now selfish, words of reply, who?

Life becomes longing out of reach,

Kindness buried beneath,

Losing our way forgetting our beliefs.

Standing at the moment with question,

Where do I turn, I need to know,

How to get back to what once used to be,

Let the stream of tears fall on your face,

Showing reflections there is still a love that will reach, listens to every word,

Holding you up high above,

Never allowing one to begin a lost of falling.


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