One love, One life

It all draws back some countless years ago
When life was burdened upon
Love had been as cold as snow
Through constant admiration amidst forgone

Those were the days, of gloomy fall
Love was strained far apart
Where endless feelings and fears stood tall
Dreams were haunted and in Sheol did art

There and then did love hit hard
Playing cheerfully within my yard
Carving its way amid shadows and dark
As though a special prayer was heard

If you ask me, who it was
I would rather call him a Mystery
Floating within a foam of chaos and cause
For he painted an alluring lover's history

He was the bliss of a forbidden fountain
For he vowed to a different Lord
As captivated within the heart of a mountain
Sang a melody of forlorn chord

Lost to a world of heartbreaks and curse
Doomed were the promises of eternal peace
Devotion revolved through happiness Adverse
Where life longed for a lively ease

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