one mind

We are gathered and lived in karmic affinity
which functions interuniverse ceaselessly
I am not one person but wholeness in the universe of the eternity
I am you and you are me
We are stars waltzing beautifully
we are from same sauce and light far away galaxy
your smile is my joy
your tear is my sorrow
your kin is my family
your heart is my mind
we are on one boat to journey for the Love together
once in a while we are child in karmic cycle
once again we are parent in karmic debt
we die as many as we live many times
as time goes by indifferently and nothing is standstill
we change every minutes and every sights
we reborn every day and live again with new soul
we are one mind each other
to bring out the beauty of each other's foundation
we are one tree having various boughs to hold hands
Whenever we are one,
ethereal angel's song spreads lightly
GOD is in our hearts caresses our poems

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we are all family to love and respect each others