One Moment

One moment. Marking the history of no time.
No Mother, no Father; just a spark in the fire.
The neglected phantom from the corner of the eye.
The moment before the moment, empty spaces find it's grand design.
Our machines believe in destinations. Ghosts operate her games.
Wars keep chasing dragons, killing me softly with silent rage.

Prisons filled with purpose?Overpopulated, overpriced circus.
Walls without windows, views that don't change.
Pull back the wizards curtain, or brick roads turn dark and stain.

Travelers should be leery, traveling roads who seek homes.
Boxes built by propagandas, truth thats rearranged.
Travelers have gone missing, traveling streets with no names.

Oceans fall from wearied eyes
Still not enough water, still so many fires.
The towers are still burning, the children are still learning
The axis may tilt, but the world keeps on turning.

Found in a moment. Marking the history of time.
The spectacular shift.
Sparks, light the minds eye.
The moment before the moment, of loves grand design.

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