One. More. Chance.

The rushing pulse of heat filling my heart,
From a close distance…
I stare, trying,feel your mind,
Oh, how, I wish, I knew your thoughts. Your kiss, making my face flush,
Trying so hard to breathe, never wanting to,
Your hand, holding mine, your strong grip….
Never have I felt the need to stop time,
Am I dreaming…
The heat engulfs me.. I can't help but know,
You are my one and only.
Why can't anyone understand..
You will never hurt me… you couldn't…
My love, you are like a vision of all my hope,
You are my pure joy. I wish I could take away your pain.
I wish all of your trouble unto me,
The trying to cope… I will make it better…
Somehow. I wish to know your dreams, your fears..
I wish to know your deepest thoughts,
I need you now, like I hope you need me..
You are my life; you are my world.
Your kiss makes me feel dizzy..
I never want to wake up from the daze,
The incoherent message… I am here,
You are mine, you are, truly, mine.
The day I met you, I never thought..
I always apologize for my sidetracked mind,
Never have I ever met someone like you,
Your eyes pierce my heart like you know all.
I need you now..
I need you more than ever,
I need your voice in my ear,
I need your breath on my neck.
Your fragrance persists in my thoughts.
To you, I am someone,
To the world,
I am invisible… I am absolutely useless. You are the most beautiful soul.
You are
There I go again… all of my failed words,
Please give me one. More. Chance.
My love.
Please give me hope.
Give me strength.
Love me for who I am… like you do.

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