One More Day

That moment you can't sleep,
you just feel like you want to cry but you're not sure why you want to cry.
You try fighting that tear from falling down your face.
You feel weaker each second.
You're ready to give up but you don't want it to take over your body like a drug.
You put a smile on your face and tell yourself just one more day..
You fall to your knees begging for help but no one is listening.
Everybody staring at you wondering if you're weak enough to harm yourself.
You look up with sorrow in your eyes but everyone turns away like you're nothing.
You start to feel so worthless that maybe one more cut will do its job.
Nothing ever seems good enough.
Everyone expects you to be some fake barbie but all you are is a weak scarred girl with too many regrets.
As the blade seems to be your only friend you pray for better days.
Everyone thinks your a crazy troubled girl.
Everyone says you need help but no one seems interested in helping.
All you ever see is darkness.
You're waiting for that brighter day.
The days seem to get longer as your body feels more drained.
You just want to give up but you tell yourself just one more day..

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