One More Problem, One More Day

The greatest feeling is looking up at the full moon and seeing the
gleaming rays of peace and watching every problem shrivel up to
become a beautiful flower.
Everything will be fine despite having to face a mother who beats me
because I know I must face these battles and will not cower!
Every problem will be solved regardless of all the other children
at school pushing you to the ground and kicking you so hard
they leave more bruises to match.
Staring at the shimmering spirit in the sky I whisper my wishes
and hope she will reach out to them and catch.
I'd imagine she'd hold my wishes like a mother holds her baby
then when they can they'll go out into the world and do their good
deed. I wish for a day I shed no tears and don't try to make my
wrists bleed. One more problem, one more day.
I wish to live and help my family if I may.

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