One Mother Earth

"I dream of meeting different planets! Ones that are too far away but here I sit on my own axis patiently drifting in place. We were never really alone just always too far apart, we were one massive entity- there was no light in the dark!
I was unaware of myself and all the things I could do, see we all acted as one till we decided to move. One of us would argue that ' we move too slow as a whole. Splitting up into different groups will help in reaching our goals'. Another would explode in protest, steady billowing smoke 'that we stand alone in this emptiness of life without hope! We're the only life around isn't it painfully clear? We've drifted for forever and we don't even know how we got here!'
First we were quiet, then a murmur, then all talking at once temperatures started flaring and that's something that nobody wants. Tectonic plates collided, mountains soon collapsed on themselves, the ones in frozen animation suddenly started to melt. This precipice was Paramount,mutiny hardly began... Until a force violently erupted from our force's within.
'SILENCE!' Yelled from our core. ' What's all this friction about? I look this way and that and EVERY WHERE'S OUTSTANDINGLY LOUD, GREAT IS MY TORMENT WHILE I'M DORMANT in the center of fools. You were positioned for a purpose, who told you to move? "He won't be happy about this"'and everybody said 'WHO'?
in response the magma from our core topsides and blew. Our ranks grew in confusion as it cover our mass, the lava filled every nook crannie and crevice we had. For once our crust grew as hot as our center. There was a flash and then 'BANG'! that's all I remember
It happened unexpectedly but yet it happened so fast, the lights and the voices echoing... 'I AM THAT I AM'! It told me I'd become a planet and my bretheren stars, told me I'd produce the life and them the heavens afar.
We started racing solitaire to an existence unknown, we picked a star to giv e us light and started calling it home.
Some of us are solar systems in a galaxy plot our population's universal although our gravities not. Me and my neighbors congregate but not as much as my friend, he boasts no atmosphere that hides all our secretions within
I boast vast hues of green,blue, onxy and white. My other half unveils my star shedding its onerous light. My other half unveils my friend who supervises my dark and he always has my back because he is never too far. I keep a cool head and unbearably cold are my feet. My climate's always changing while my seasons boldly repeat. My inhabitants tend to extract all of the grease from my joints for what purpose I'll never know so I begin to annoy.
They're shaving chunks outta my mane, they're burning holes in my shield and they will not be satisfied until they're homeless for real! Reluctantly I cover for them,maybe they'll cease and abort! How can I sustain the life if they keep cutting it short? How can my seasons remain in harmony if my climates a mess these parasites will have me killed before the time of my DEATH!
And its like they don't even CARE! Like they're devoid of remorse, lavishing lament while preparing for their frivolous WARS! Savagely tainted are the minds of these belligerent bunch and they wonder why I produce natural disasters so much.
My star is castrating their old, diseases striking their KIDS! They cry to God but its just mother Nature scratching an itch. I cry the same because he literally has the WORLD IN HIS HANDS but if I do not adjudicate, I'll die the way I began.
I'll have no atmosphere to boast I'll have no seasons to change, I'll purge myself of ALL LIFE! Till only INSECTS remain. My star will confiscate my seas,oceans,rivers and lakes. Bet they'll appreciate me then; Life isn't given to take!
SOOOO when your winters are getting colder and your summers are HOT just remember that you decide whether enough is enough.
The choice is yours because my END will be a GIFT to your CURSE.
You get many chances in life but only....

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