one must sail

Letters are flowing forth
And back, I stand in brink
It’s like a sea, I can see the whales
Dolphins, Jellies and Sharks.

The books are too heavy for both
Reading and carrying but, fishermen
Except me, are very courageous
I feel earth quacks and cyclones took me away.

Some dives, some swims, some
On boats and ships except me,
I can’t understand what teaches me
But I hope I will.

My mother came me as navy men
My father reached me as coastguard to save me
But, I am bothered I feel it it’s a sea
Of darkness and dangerous.

Now, my father is in base, watching me
I said I am afraid of huge storms
Putting on word of solace saying
It’s a normal sea with small fishes and dear dolphins.

A spectator of navy men asked me
What’s your problem? I said
I can’t catch letters it looks like
Fishes swimming toward me in a dark sea.

And I feel, sometimes it’s are huge whales
Each knocks and quarrels to eat me
Some are touching and tasting me
I am afraid of letters and words.

And I feel, you know, I am a trapped fisherman
And he said and it touched my heart
Every sailor must say after he trapped by
Earth quacks and cyclones “

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