They wanted a new king to sit him up on a puppet throne
All they got was an old king that went on digging up bones
Never mind they say we can control him just pull his strings
His strings were all but broken the puppet man had awoken
That rough attire which set the nation on fire was he not for hire
The taste of freedom he had taken the rest is left he won’t retire
The committee said have no fear the bastard shall be broken
Making fancy speech they sort to impeach that horrible bitch
Saying just follow our wish or your bones we’ll bury in the ditch
I think not the puppet reply I like it here more than anywhere
Some like it hot others like it cold but he would not fold as told
And so the saga still remain the puppet fame or are we to blame
Hail to the King
Kenvil Atkins for Pwindaykye Timeless poems

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Sometimes you just cant win and up comes someone who could win yet has to fight every inch of the journey to stay alive