One Night as Sherlock Holmes

If for one night I could be Sherlock Holmes
The world would change for the greater.
I would find criminals from their mistakes and chromosomes
If for one night I could be the worlds greatest investigater

I would put criminals in jail one by one by one
I would use the internet and make the world know
That the night would be used fully till its magic was done
Oh, and like a virus justice would spread and grow

One night may never be long enough
It may truely take years of being Sherlock to save the world
Then again, Sherlocks personallity might call my bluff
The sociopathic, genius in all his glory has never quiet unfurled

If for one night I could be Sherlock Holmes
Who would be my Watson, would I be alone?
Would I forget the world and wander my brain of catacombs
My path as this brilliant man shall forever, be unknown.

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