One Night

One night I see the the full moon
Big, bright, and beautiful
Unlike the person I've become
I break into tears
For I am reminded why I don't look at the moon
One night I see the stars
Small, scattered, and sightly
As I look at the stars
All I see are forgotten souls
The ones who never impacted the world enough to be remembered,
Six feet under and years already forgotten
And I am reminded why I must look at the stars
I break into tears
As I stand there looking,
And crying at the purple hue of stars long gone by now
I begin to pay my respects
Not just to those who have been erased from the Earth,
But also to the lost souls who still walk and talk
I pay my respects to the ones like me
The ones who feel like they could walk to each end of the planet,
And never once be noticed or even remembered
One night you’ll realize, as I have, that going unnoticed is not bad
For it is a blessing in disguise
Not everyone needs to shine as bright as the moon
That sometimes, we need to go dark to eventually shine,
And we’ll light up the sky

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