One Of The Angels

We Shed tears for the fallen angel,

but this angel has not fallen only rose above.

She's able more than ever to guide us through the things

we are oblivious to see.

Her love has embraced not only the foundation of who I am,

but the settlement in which I tend to stand.

With her words of wisdom and her warm care;

With the sun shinning bright in the sky or

even as the soft rain hits the ground,

I know in spirit she will always be around.

Although, I will miss her laugh, her smile,

her long hours in the mall, her talks, the walks,

the moment when we would both fall into

each others arms and never wanted to let go,

the life lessons,the icecream and movies,

I know she would be very proud.

She set her mark and left an imprint in

all of our hearts.

Let us continue the journey she set out to start.

And as I stand here, I am very proud to

say that she is my HERO and hero's never fade away!

So, we shed tears for this fallen angel,

but angels do not fall they rise.

And I know she is looking at us from heaven

smiling with her beautiful brown eyes.

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