One Of Those Damn Dreams

How can dreams simultaneously be beautiful, and incredibly devastating?
They can seem so real, so vivid and simply perfect.
But the sweet conversation of the birds interrupts them,
and then they're gone. You can't remember them,
but you crave them. You don't even know what they were about, sometimes,
and yet, something in you needs to know. Must know.
These dreams keep coming back to me, every night,
sometimes every day. Perhaps they are a sign, some type of warning.
Luckily I know, that I dream about discovering his deepest secrets.
You know, the ones he wishes he could tell, but can't?
I know he tells me some of them, he trusts me so instantaneously.
Trying my hardest not to shock him, I am constantly surprised.
There are so many things I know about him, but,
also several that I simply do not. I hate to pry,
but I love to learn. Mesmerized by his words,
captivated by his voice, stunned by his beauty...
I don't believe there is anyone like him. Not another soul.
So flawless, and so lovely.
He surely must be from one of those dreams.
One of those damn dreams.

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