One - part three

I seek elevation even though I crave her imperfection,
When it’s me and her, we’re our own battalion.
Way of love and war, war and love in the way, no matter the time period, within past lifetimes, we tend to supernovae.
Birthright to playing flight and searchlight, we always end up dancing naked amongst the moonlight.
Will I ever win? When he’s near, I need space, when I have space, I need him near,
I can see, I can feel, I can even embody his love, so why do I hold this fear?
Smouldering and freezing, freezing and smouldering, am I comparing or enduring?
Moment to inner torment, feeling of extremes, leading to bombardment, to disguise my encodement.
She may not be aware, of the external silent warfare,
Kings and their lords attack all, while trying to create their rapture.
Patience and presence, presence and patience, with gentle understanding we shall build up resilience.
Librate to celebrate, expression of love to increase how we vibrate so we can maintain our world and if needed, recalibrate.
With not much time past, certain thoughts seem to be in motion,
Without voicing my concerns I’ve got my hands upon a potion.
Ink and parchment, parchment and ink, tears sink, even if time feels it has stopped my mind wouldn’t rethink.
Crying to numbing to writing my last loving, with one last word and one last tear, I followed through with the self-prescribing, laying there, lifeforce dimming, noticing my inner being not willing but I’m dying.
I cannot believe my eyes, her lifeless body still,
Picking up the letter, my soul like soil, just had its till.
Life without her, her without life, I shall activate an ancient spell, along with my knife.
Hierophant to enchant to placing my dagger in front of my throat ready for the implant, I shall wait for you my love with my descendant, may life flow from me, onto you, with my only wish to see you live before I become vacant, your fragrant is a reminder that I’m impeccant.
Lifetimes of lifetimes, our two souls been together,
Only with rebirth and its unravelling did I understand our tether.
Breath and blood, blood and breath, as he kneeled over me, gurgling and near death, I wrapped myself around him now finally knowing our depth.
Ice to venefice to devoice, are no longer a choice, “L.iv..e” fulfilling his bride-price, wielding his dagger with wrists awaiting a slice, with all I saw why shouldn’t I meet you with self-sacrifice? Overwhelming love befell her heart triggering emotions of rejoice, with all knowing and eager for life of growing, she will see through this lifetime so she shall become one with him in

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